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ASSELED WITH CARE. Decades of experience in hydraulic hose asselies allows us to deliver world class work you can trust. Always happy to find solutions that work for you, we can custom design and build hydraulic hose asselies that meet your bespoke requirements and challenging demands within your industry, from those of you working in high-production plants …

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longest service life of the final product – to the end users, and at the same time: • The easiest, most efficient and safe production process – to the asselers. In this way Parker Hannifin also meets the requirements of SAE J1273 and ISO 17165-2, which pay particular attention to matching the hose with the fittings and to their compatibility proven by the manufacturer. …

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Hydraulic Hoses & Hose Fittings With wide operating pressure ranges, optimal levels of abrasion resistance, long-lasting durability and high-performance transfer capabilities, Eaton hydraulic hoses and hose fittings provide the ultimate fluid conveyance solutions for a variety of equipment and appliions around the world.

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Shelf life in excess of 3 years. Cure date stated in terms of the quarter of calendar year and the year, i.e., 2Q-83. 3.3 Acceptance Life – This is the maximum life at the age of acceptance. The age limit at acceptance for hoses and hose asselies is 32 quarters. See SAE AS1933 for aerospace hoses. 3.4 Shelf life – The maximum period of time between the cure date and the …


Guidelines for Hose Shelf Life • 10 YEARS from date of manufacture for bulk hose. • 2 YEARS from date of build for a hose assely. • Can continue to extend in 2 YEAR increments by pressure testing the assely. From a technical perspective, all hydraulic hose has similar shelf life. HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE INTEGRATED TO WORK MORE EFFICIENTLY THAN …

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Items should be stored on a first-in, firstout basis, since even under the best of conditions, an unusually long shelf life could deteriorate certain rubber products. QUESTIONS ON HOSE Storage? For more information on hose storage please mail us at [email protected] , visit our contact page or fill the form " Ask us a question " on the right.

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Hydraulic Hoses 1. Hydraulic hoses should be left in carton until needed. 2. Store hoses at a temperature between 50º to 75ºF [10º to 24ºC ] and at a humidity between 20 and 70 percent. 3. Never store hoses in a hot, damp room, in direct sunlight or near heat sources. 4. Do not stack hoses. The weight of the pile will tend to flatten the hose

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Hydraulic Hose - Hose, sktls/R6. WARNING. Select. Aeroquip. 2556-8. Please select a loion from the options below to continue: Select For Price and Delivery, Please Contact your Regional Customer Service Representative. Wish List. Aeroquip.

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28/12/2020· Shelf life. Under optimal storage conditions, thermoplastic hose and tubing products should have unlimited storage life prior to initial usage. Per SAE J517, Rubber Hose is acceptable for 10 years if stored under optimal conditions. Noise reduction. Thermoplastic hoses with specific reinforcement have been shown to reduce noise on machines. This is important …

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Storing your high-pressure hose well, will extend both its shelf-life and help you avoid other storage related issues. Contact us for advice and guidance on hose assely equipment storage solutions. Search for: Search. Filter products by condition. New Used. Reset. Home / Equipment / Storage. Manual (8) Electric (3) Contact us. Here to support all your hose assely …

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Hydraulic Industry Standard Hose 1300-2250 PSI – 472TC Hose. Parker’s 472TC hose is a hydraulic industry standard hose that has a pressure range of 1300-2250 PSI, which allows for one to meet the specifiions of any task at hand. Configure Product. Add to Compare.

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15/8/2018· This spec gave a maximum shelf life of 12 quarters. 1984 – MIL-STD-1523A released and shelf life extended to 40 quarters. 1995 – MIL-STD-1523A cancelled and AS1933 cited as a potential replacement. However, as AS1933 deals specifically with rubber hose and does not deal directly with the concerns of the seal industry.

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Proper storage conditions can enhance and extend substantially the ultimate life of hose products. General Care and Maintenance of Hose Hose should not be subjected to any form of abuse in service. It should be handled with reasonable care. Hose should not be dragged over sharp or abrasive surfaces unless specifically designed for such service. Care should be taken …

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12/11/2021· – Long shelf life Thermoplastics – Tight minimum bend radii – Superior kink resistance Hydraulic hose appliion. Spiral wound hose - Two or more sets of helically wrapped high-tensile wire - Makes for a rigid hose with exceptional strength - Limited flexibility Extremely high-pressure appliions: construction equipment and heavy-duty off-road …

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Hydraulic fluid power — Hose asselies — Part 2: Practices for hydraulic hose asselies 95.99: ISO/TC 131/SC 4: ISO/TS 17165-2:2018 Hydraulic fluid power — Hose asselies — Part 2: Practices for hydraulic hose asselies 90.93: ISO/TC 131/SC 4: ISO/TR 17784:2003 Rubber and plastics hoses and hose asselies — Guide for use by purchasers, …

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• Unlimited shelf life • Preformable. APPLIIONS • Chemical resistance Virtually inert to all chemicals and solvents. it is only known to react to elemental alkali metals, fluorine, and chlorine trifluoride • smooth Bore hose No pigments or additives are incorporated, hose bore is made from Teflon/ptfe. • Convoluted hose Has a ‘true’ i/d and eliminates the need to de-convolute

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12/8/2021· The practice of “re-ending” damaged hoses, which consists of cutting the last few inches of the hose and applying new fittings to artificially extend its life, can put anyone that works on or around hydraulic systems at serious health risks.

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Storage Life of O-Rings. O-rings and other rubber products may undergo changes in physical properties as they age. As such, guidelines exist regarding the maximum recommended shelf life for various elastomer types. The shelf life recommendation from SAE ARP5316 for NBR rubber is 15 years. Many manufacturers use a figure of 7 to 10 years.

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Non-ageing : Unlimited shelf life because properties do not change with age or exposure to weather. Easy to install : Because it is flexible, there are no alignment problems saving time and money when a smooth bore hose assely is installed. Temperature Resistant : From – 73ºC to 232ºC max for fluids, gases. Technical Data PTFE Teflon Plain Hose With External S.S. Braid …

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Gates Hydraulic Hose Selection Guide Hose Shelf Life Storage environment, along with rubber materials can vary the shelf life limit. Shelf life is difficult to quantify as man y variables aff ect the hose. Proper stor age precautions can result in thr ee to five years shelf life. Beyond this time there can be significant service life decrease, depending on storage environment …

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13/1/2017· If hydraulic hoses and connectors are not inspected, maintained and replaced in a responsible fashion, then there will always be the risk of life-changing bodily harm or even death due to such injuries as fluid injection or hose whip. The following guidance tips are by no means a comprehensive guide to best practice with regard to inspecting, maintaining and replacing …

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Flexibility plays a major role in your hydraulic hose operation and efficiency. With a bend radius up to ½ that of SAE conventional spiral hose standards, our hose is extremely flexible, easier to route and reduces the chance of bending too tightly. This helps provide increased hose savings and a reduction of shaped hose ends while equipping you with a safer, more cost-effective …

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AdvantaSil® High Pressure silicone tubing is a high quality, cost effective solution designed for increased flow rates and is the optimal choice for Single-Use appliions such as TFF, virus filtration, inline integrity testing of filtration asselies, and high volume fluid transfer. This platinum-cured silicone tubing meets USP Class VI

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666 Stainless Steel Teflon Hose – Mainly used for fuel and oil. Can be used for medium pressure hydraulic appliions up to 1500 psi (-4 size) working pressure. Unlimited Shelf life and higher operating temperature than rubber hose. AE701 Stainless Steel Rubber Hose – Offers lightweight construction and superior bend radius.

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3/3/2005· Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) specifiions state the shelf life of bulk rubber hose is 10 years from the date of manufacture and is considered unlimited for thermoplastic hose, if stored

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Some people are surprised to find that hose material has a shelf life and that it can be affected by factors such as temperature, humidity and ultraviolet light exposure of the area where it is stored. This differs by hose type and manufacturer of course, but that is not what our customers usually mean when they ask about hose life. When a hose is replaced on a hydraulic …


Longer shelf life –TEMP TECH hydraulic hose resists the effects of ozone and other oxidizing agents present in the air at many industrial loions . . . property changes due to shelf aging are practically non-existent. Reduced inventory costs – There is no need to stock hoses with an assortment of tube stocks for use with petroleum and phosphate-based fluids . . . stock only …

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12/9/2016· If the manufacturer has not mentioned, shelf life of rubberized hose, then as a rule, what should be the max shelf life to be considered for hydraulic, oil and fuel hoses. Some of the hoses are rubberized, without a metallic braid/ sleeve, while some hoses come with metallic braid/ sleeve. Consid

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Shelf life is the period of time when it is reasonable to expect the hose to retain full capabilities for rendering the intended service. Store in a manner that facilitates age control and first-in, first-out usage based on manufacturing date on the hose or hose assely. Per SAE J517: Shelf life of rubber hose in bulk form, or in hose

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NFPA code does not provide specific guidance on the shelf life - hose and hose pipes will age differently based on environmental factors and usage. Your hose should be pressure-tested annually, with a full inspection of the hose, couplings, nozzles, and appliances on a regular basis. You can work with your local authority having jurisdiction to provide you with more information. …